Lindberg 1/64 scale PT-109 Review

  • This is a fairly nice replica of the infamous PT-109. Once I opened the box I was really impressed with the one piece hull. These Elco boats were made almost entirely out of marine plywood, but have a beautiful shape and form.

    Most of the parts fit well and there was some mold flash here and there but not excessive. There were parts on the sprue form that were not on the diagrams and instructions. That seems to be relatively common on some of the Lindberg kits. I think the reason for that is the fact that early on a lot of the Lindberg kits offered a motorized option, and now, rather than re-do the molds they just leave them in the kit. There’s even a large rectangle hole on the starboard side main deck next to the wheelhouse with no function. Probably is where the on/off switch was placed back when.

    Be careful with the aft port side torpedo tube. It wants to bump into the port side gun turret during assembly and you’ll have to improvise some. I’m aware of the fact that history tells us that Jack and his crew mounted a 37mm gun on the front bow area where the liferaft is. I found a gun kit online but it’s 1:72 scale for about ten bucks. Thought about making my own out of scrap, there’s really not that much to them. The gun was mounted hap hazardly just before they were struck by the Jap destroyer so I thought no sense in fooling with it.

    All in all I was very pleased with the kit and it came out great. I’ll provide a photo soon. Good luck!

  • Detailed repica
  • Crew figures included
  • Guns and torpedoes included
  • Authentic decals
  • Easy to assemble
Lindberg 1/64 scale PT-109 is a scale model of J.F.K.’s famous PT boat. It is a detailed replica with crew figures with guns and torpedoes included. It is easy to assemble and it is a one piece hull that is 15” long. This is recommended for ages 12 and over.

Product Description

1-64 Scale. Great kit of the PT-109. Instructions and display stand included. Skill level 2.

Lindberg scale pt review1 Lindberg 1/64 scale PT 109 Review

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